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Potty Training.......

From My Mommy:

So we have started potty training.... some days are great and then some days it seems as though Nola has forgotten the whole concept. She get so excited when she pee-pees on the potty! She starts pointing to her mouth because she knows she gets some sweet-tarts! they are in a pretty jar on the mantle.
She is too smart and was a little stinker tonight! She said she needed to potty right after we laid down to go to bed. She ran into the bathroom and pee-peed in the potty. It wasn't the normal amount, but I didn't think anything of it. She ate her sweet-tarts and then not 30 seconds after she finished them, she went back to the potty and pee-peed again! I think she only did alittle the first time to get double the treat! That little stinker!

By the way- Pull-Ups or Easy-Ups whichever brand you buy - are so expensive! Everytime Nola pee-pees in one I think, "Great, there's another 50 cents!" A pack of 25 is $10! I'm ready for big girl panties!

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