"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Beauty and the Beast

I forgot to post about taking Nola to Beauty and the Beast 3D last weekend. She loved it! She calls her Bella and will argue with you if you try to correct her! 
 She had to take her Belle doll with her. 

She loved the 3D glasses! 


22 Weeks!

Time is flying by fast! We have things to do like start thinking about this baby's nursery! He's growing fast and kicking harder! 


Sweet Baby Silas

Silas did not want to cooperate during the ultrasound on Friday! He had his arms and legs by his head and did not want to budge! We did get a great picture! He is a whopping 14 ounces! 

Thank You!

Thank you to the Mustangs of Memphis for their contribution to MOSD! They choose a charity that is the benefactor of the proceeds from their annual car show. We are so thankful they chose MOSD as their charity again this year! 

Thank you Mustangs of Memphis!! 


21 Weeks!

Things are going by so fast! We have another doctor's appointment and ultrasound today. I can't wait to see how much he has changed in the last four weeks! Thank you to all of you who have said a little prayer for us during this pregnancy; everything is going smoothly and I hope it continues!



 Where has my baby gone? She looks so grown up here!

Last week at MOSD the theme was Winter. Miss Mary Ellen sent us this cute picture of Nola trying on some winter clothing during speech therapy.

We ate at Shogun in Oakland and Nola LOVED her chopsticks!

Ahh... Mommy- Daughter nail day! Nola's color was called My Chihuahua Bites!!


Half Way There!

Today I am 20 weeks- Half way there!  My belly seems to have grown overnight! I am starting to feel the kicks more often and he seems to be rolling around! We are excited about having a boy- I know nothing about boys, but am sure I will learn quickly!
We go back next Friday for another ultrasound and a check with Dr. Carney - the greatest OB ever. She delivered Nola and since we traveled that journey with her too, I couldn't imagine going to another OB!
Silas is the size of a cantaloupe! No wonder my belly is getting big!


Music to our ears

Today is a very special day at the Bawcum household...two years ago today Nola's cochlear implants were activated! She became part of the hearing world and she has not stopped talking since!! Nola talks from the moment she gets out of bed until she finally falls asleep- sometimes she talks in her sleep too! There are no words to describe this process.... from grief, to hope, to thankfulness. We are blessed to have MOSD in Memphis that has facilitated her great progress and  family and friends that have  supported us each and every step. I am so very thankful to have such a great husband and Daddy to Nola - I don't think I could've done this by myself.
We have come a long way.......
 Cochlear Implant Surgery
 1 month since activation
1 year since activation

Nola brought snacks to share her special day with her classmates!

I guess Nola enjoyed her blue icing!



Christmas Part 2

 After Santa we went to Nanny's house. We ate too much and then opened presents. We draw names there and I LOVE that! After Nanny's, we traveled to Honey and Pop-Pop's house for more Christmas!

Nola squealed when she saw this Disney Princess doll set!

Honey, Pop-Pop, and Denee all got her dress up clothes. I don't know which set this is from, but she changed several times throughout present opening. 

This present got the second and last squeal.... the talking Disney Princess kitchen she had asked for. She saw this on YouTube..good grief. 

And Marshmallows to end it all!


Santa came to see this good little girl Christmas morning! 

Part of the loot from Santa

More from Santa- an Ariel Talking Salon! 

Pretty girl seeing her gifts! 

Mommy and Nola playing with the salon. 

Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy

Leapster 2 games

Clothes so she can be snazzy. These were needed since I think her legs grew 5 inches in the last month!

Santa was very good to Nola this year. He should have been since she has been such a good girl. And we have had NO surgeries!! Whoo-hoo!!

Christmas Part 1

 Christmas Part 1 was with Jonathan's family at Mimi and Big Dad's house. Nola got some great stuff!
Nola and her Princess scooter!

Addison, Billy, & Nola all got scooters- of course, they all had to go outside and try them out!

Although you cannot see it, Nola is wearing her new tutu. She told Daddy he had to dance with her! 

Nola and her snazzy purple shoes!

So much stuff!
We had a great time with everyone. We had brunch with Grandma and opened presents. Then about 4 that day, Dad, Mom, Rick, and Connie came over for Christmas round 2!