"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


LeBonheur for my shunt revision

I was playing with the surgery hat Ms. Diana gave me. I had to somehow pass the time before my surgery! I walked through the halls of same day surgery and greeted everyone I saw.
My Mommy says I am the most preciou thing she's ever seen!

My new best friend Bernard

This is my newest friend Bernard. He spent the day with me while I was waiting for my surgery. Amazingly, he was going to have the same surgery I was! Bernard has everything. His Mommy is pretty great too...her name is Ms. Diana. If you have to go to LeBonheur, make sure you ask for Bernard and his Mommy!


On the way to Henderson

I was a tired girl on the ride to Henderson and my lovie was super soft! Me and Mommy went to Henderson since our power was out at home due to the storm on Friday. Daddy and the pups are holding down the fort, but a princess cannot sweat!!


Tank the therapy dog!

I got a visit from Tank the therapy dog! He was a pretty Golden Retriever just like my Duke at home. There was one difference though- my Duke is much bigger. Here I am giving Tank a big kiss!!

Shunt Revision

I had a tough time with recovering from this shunt revision. Mommy and Daddy say its because I am trying to get used to the change in pressure in my head. I had surgery on June 1. I slept most of the day on Monday and Tuesday I woke up and ate alittle. I did get sick twice on Tuesday, but we were discharged that evening since I seemed to feel better. When we got home I did not want to eat much and refused to drink. I began throwing up again on Wednesday; Daddy called the neurosurgeon on call and she said to bring me into the ER. We went on Wednesday evening and I had a CT scan and a shunt series done to make sure everything was working properly....it was, thank goodness. They admitted me that night and we stayed until Friday evening. I was dehydrated from all the throwing up and was throwing up since I was not used to the change in pressure in my head. The NS called them low pressure headaches or spinal headaches.

By Sunday I felt much better. I was playing and eating. I even drank from my sippy cup! Today I am almost back to my old self!