"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Braided Tails and Godparents

We had dinner at Andy & DeeDee's house- Nola's Godparents. We made a great choice for Nola. They are great people who will be wonderful examples in Nola's life for years to come. I tried a new hairstyle for Nola- braided tails! She loved them and I loved someone else cooking dinner! Thanks DeeDee!

Pretty Girl!

Go Tigers!

We took Nola to a Tigers basketball game this year and she has been hooked ever since! When she sees anyone with Tiger gear on she says "Look! Go Tigers!" I love it! Mimi found this Memphis cheerleading outfit and knew she HAD to have it!

Let's Get Crackin'

We went with Mimi and Bog Dad to Joe's Crab Shack to eat some good ole seafood. We are lucky Nola likes to eat basically anything!

We went with Mimi and Bog Dad to Joe's Crab Shack to eat some good ole seafood. We are lucky Nola likes to eat basically anything!

Poop and Pigtails

We have been working so hard on pooping in the potty! I asked Jonathan to get Nola's little potty back out hoping she would poop on it. I thought maybe she was afraid to poop on the big potty in her bathroom. Well yesterday I put it in the living room and turned on Dora. (Yes, I know kind of strange, but you Mommies understand!) Well, she sat on the potty and pooped!! YES!! We had promised ice cream when she fully pooped on the potty so off to Baskin Robbins we went after supper! So proud of that little sassy pants!

And look at those pigtails! They are the cutest in the land! Nola's teacher at school did them for her! Oh how I love this sweet girl!



So Silly!

So Proud....

Things around the Bawcums of Egypt have been crazy. Jonathan has so many meetings: MOSD Board of Directors meetings, Exchange Club of East Memphis luncheons and meetings, meetings with other organizations to raise funds for MOSD. He does all of these things while continuing to work full time at TSI. I am so proud of him and the work he is doing. As Nola would say.."Good Job Daddy!"

School is hectic too. TCAP time is upon us and if you know anything about education, you know TCAP is a BIG DEAL. I think my blood pressure begins to rise when I think about this one test that will follow me for the rest of my career. So needless to say I am stressed. But I am so proud of the gains my students have made- I know they will do great.

Our sweet Nola is still working on the potty training. She has pee-pee down- now if we could just get the poo poo. She'll get it! She loves her "big girl panties" and if you see her she will probably show them to you!

Nola's spring break is next week and I am so thankful my parents and sister are taking off work just to watch Nola Monday through Thursday. Nola is staying with Mimi on Friday- her day off. What a blessing it is to have family that will take off work or watch your child on their day off.

I guess I had to write it down to see the people in my life that I am "so proud" of. I am so proud to be Nola's Mommy and Jonathan's wife. I read Alicia Harrison's post about listening to God- I need to take more time to listen. I am too often doing all the talking and never stop to listen to what He is telling me.


Spring Fever

Whew! My students have been crazy lately! It must be spring fever! I just pray our spring break will help their behavior. Somedays I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished. Please pray for me and my students as we prepare for the "Big Boy"....TCAP!


Nola's Lunch

We are so lucky Nola is not a picky eater! She loves food period. Just like her Mommy! :)

This was her lunch today: grapes, cheese cubes with pretzels, honey dijon dipping sauce, cottage cheese, and salami! Yummy!

Door Decorating Contest

Last week was Read Across America week. In honor of this, all the teachers decorated their door to mirror a book cover. Since my classes just finished reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, I chose that book. I think it turned out great! I won too!!!

MOSD storms the hill

We were asked to go with Ms. Teresa and a small group of parents and students to meet with Representatives and Senators about funding for Nola's school- Memphis Oral School for the Deaf. They teach children like Nola to listen and talk!

Our Family: Jonathan, Desiree, & Nola

You can support Nola and children like her at www.mosdkids.org

What once was old is new again!

This dress was Jonathan's grandmother's dress back in the 70s I think. She is now in her 80s and Aunt Connie and Mimi were cleaning out her closet- They gave me this dress! I love it!!

Valentine's Day

Nola and I made cookies in a jar again for her teachers. Last year for Valentine's Day we made oatmeal-raisin cookie mix; this year we made chocolate chip! I was quite proud of how they turned out! I used my fabulous Cricut Expression machine to make the gift tags!

A close-up of Miss Mary Ellen's gift- Nola's speech therapist.

All put together!

Whiskers the Terrible

We always seem to get the crazy animals! Whiskers is no exception- here he is relaxing ...in the sink! Ahhh!