"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Pray for Lucy

This sweet little girl is in the fight of her life. Please take the time to say a little prayer for her!!


Lions, Tigers, & Bears...Oh, My!

We went with Nola's school to the zoo. She had a blast! The older she gets the more fun it is to take her!

Nola actually rode the carrousel! She usually gets on and then freaks out before it starts and we have to get off. But this time she rode it and LOVED it!!

Rivers, Nola, and Autumn

Ms. Elizabeth and Nola- Ms. Elizabeth activated Nola's cochlear implants and continues to tweak them as needed.

Nola and Ms. Mary Ellen- Nola's speech therapist

Look at that smile!

Nola and Daddy in deep conversation...

Nola likes to puch the stroller- watch out she'll run over your ankles!

Should I build an ark?

I took this picture on the way to school today. The water is even with the road! School is dismissing at 11:45 today due to the flooding. I just hope this road is not flooded when I get to leave!!
Last night I shared our story at the Family Partner's Council. I was driving home in that stuff! I stopped at my in-laws to wait out the storm before going all the way to Somerville. I made it safely there-Praise the Lord!


Coloring Eggs, Egg Hunting, and the dreaded Easter Bunny

Nola and the rest of her class colored eggs at school on Wednesday.

Look at that smile! My sweet, smart, talking little girl!
Today at school, everyone had an Easter egg hunt and got a chance to meet the Easter Bunny and have a picture taken with him. Well, you all know of Nola's fear of dress up characters.... needless to say Nola's picture that was sent home was of Nola by herself with no Easter Bunny in sight! Jonathan picked Nola up from school and she told him, " I don't like that Easter Bunny!"


Good Job Nola!

I finally took Nola for her 3 year checkup. Yes, I know I am 6 months behind- that's the story of my life. Anywho, Nola had been stuck at 28 pounds for more than a year. Nola was 32 pounds and 38 inches! I wonder how tall Nola will be? I hope she is taller than me, but not as tall as Jonathan! Nola knows when she is at a doctor's office or hospital; my sweet baby has seen enough of them. Every other time we have seen Dr. Frizzell she cries at some point. Nola did not cry at all! This makes me happy and sad all at the same time- my baby is not a baby anymore she is a big girl. One thing Nola did was talk Dr. Frizzell's head off! She talked the entire time about anything that came to her mind. He said he forgets she has cochlear implants because she talks so well-- Music to My Ears!!
Nola is such a little sponge that soaks up everything! She loves getting praise and giving praise! She is always telling Jonathan or me- Good Job Mommy or Good Job Daddy! She even praises the doggies. Nola got a sticker at the doctor's office since she was such a big girl- she praised herself by saying "Good Job Nola!" Ugh, I love this little thing!


4 Years Ago.....

4 years ago today I was four months pregnant and did not know if the sweet baby I was carrying was a boy or girl. 4 years ago today I lost a very important woman in my life- My Grandmother. She was a firecracker full of life and most times told you exactly what was on her mind. Growing up, we would go to her house every Sunday after church for lunch. I always looked forward to those meals of stew, black-eyed peas, and my favorite- peach cobbler. There was one thing you didn't talk about at Grandmother's table- politics. She would get up and go sit in the living room until you were done. My sister and I would also go spend the night with Grandmother every Friday night. I think we did this until I got into high school. We rarely ever slept in her bed, instead we slept on her green couch that made into a bed in the living room. Denee' always slept in the middle. We had a routine: dinner, Mama's Family, popcorn, and chocolate oatmeal cookies. I hope when I have grandchildren I can carry on this tradition- maybe not Mama's Family, but some other show. My Grandmother made the best food; I don't think I ever saw her use a measuring cup. I'm not really sure she owned one. She made cornbread in a big black iron skillet; the same one I now own. She loved gardening and I loved helping her. Jonathan may not believe it now, but I would help her in the garden whenever I could. However, she did all the hard work: weeding, digging the holes, and covering them up. I only did the fun part- putting the seeds in the holes, picking the fresh strawberries, or smelling the irises. She was a hard worker- I remember the stories of the things she did to help her family during rough times. She was an amazing woman and I miss her everyday. A month after she passed away, I found out that sweet baby was a girl and I was proud to be able to name her Nola. My Nola is a firecracker just like Grandmother Nola. She has blue eyes like Grandmother and Honey although now they are changing to a hazel like her Daddy's. I miss you Grandmother. I'm sad you never got a chance to meet my Nola. She is a fighter like you were. I know you are busy gardening in Heaven. I love you!


Trigon Sports

The Memphis Daily News wrote an article about Trigon Sports- the family business. Our sweet Nola was mentioned; she has opened our eyes to the power of giving back.
Check out the article here.

I got quoted...

Memphis Connect did a write up about the Big Wig Ball and they asked me for a quote :) You can read the article by clicking here


Big Wig

LeBonhuer's Big Wig Ball is this Saturday! I love going to this and seeing all the crazy wigs everyone finds! I ordered mine online and got it yesterday. It is a long, white wig, but the special part is it GLOWS IN THE DARK! I'm so excited! It's the little things that excite me! Nola wanted to try it on too! If you would like to join us and our crew that attend, click here!


Speaking for LeBonheur

We were asked to speak at St. Agnes Idol and share our story. I was so honored that they would ask us to do this! As you know, we hold LeBonheur near and dear to our hearts!

Daddy's Little Helper

Nola loves helping Daddy in the yard. I am so thankful Jonathan enjoys working in the yard because I DO NOT! Digging, planting, and weeding are not my idea of enjoyment. I do like to garden,but not weed!

**I have no idea why the text above is underlined! I cannot get it off! Ahh.**

Playing in the dirt!