"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


4 Years Ago.....

4 years ago today I was four months pregnant and did not know if the sweet baby I was carrying was a boy or girl. 4 years ago today I lost a very important woman in my life- My Grandmother. She was a firecracker full of life and most times told you exactly what was on her mind. Growing up, we would go to her house every Sunday after church for lunch. I always looked forward to those meals of stew, black-eyed peas, and my favorite- peach cobbler. There was one thing you didn't talk about at Grandmother's table- politics. She would get up and go sit in the living room until you were done. My sister and I would also go spend the night with Grandmother every Friday night. I think we did this until I got into high school. We rarely ever slept in her bed, instead we slept on her green couch that made into a bed in the living room. Denee' always slept in the middle. We had a routine: dinner, Mama's Family, popcorn, and chocolate oatmeal cookies. I hope when I have grandchildren I can carry on this tradition- maybe not Mama's Family, but some other show. My Grandmother made the best food; I don't think I ever saw her use a measuring cup. I'm not really sure she owned one. She made cornbread in a big black iron skillet; the same one I now own. She loved gardening and I loved helping her. Jonathan may not believe it now, but I would help her in the garden whenever I could. However, she did all the hard work: weeding, digging the holes, and covering them up. I only did the fun part- putting the seeds in the holes, picking the fresh strawberries, or smelling the irises. She was a hard worker- I remember the stories of the things she did to help her family during rough times. She was an amazing woman and I miss her everyday. A month after she passed away, I found out that sweet baby was a girl and I was proud to be able to name her Nola. My Nola is a firecracker just like Grandmother Nola. She has blue eyes like Grandmother and Honey although now they are changing to a hazel like her Daddy's. I miss you Grandmother. I'm sad you never got a chance to meet my Nola. She is a fighter like you were. I know you are busy gardening in Heaven. I love you!

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Katie said...

So sweet! I am getting the Joy in Kaylee Joy from my grandma. She is still with us, but she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.