"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11



Things in the Bawcum household have changed! Silas is an alert baby and is the object of his big sister's affection. Nola has been such a great helper and I am trying to make sure she gets one on one attention as well. The nighttime is rough for me since I am breastfeeding- so I'm the only one who can feed the little guy at this point. He likes to eat! 

Sweet little hands

Milk drunk and happy

Big Sister and Baby Silas

A tired tiny dancer- Nola's recital was great! That will be another post when I have time to get the pictures off the camera. 

I tool Nola to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. She LOVES the movies- maybe as much as getting the popcorn and icee...and twizzlers

Our sweet babies- Jonathan and I are thankful for a healthy Silas and Nola. 

On another note, please take a moment to pray for Lucy. 


Family/Maternity Pictures

Mimi took some pictures the weekend before Silas was going to make his arrival. They turned out fabulous! I have no idea why some of them are turned sideways. 
Thank you Mimi and Prop Man - Big Dad

Silas has visitors

Silas had lots of visitors. We didn't get pictures of all the people who came to love on baby Silas!

 Big Sister 
 Daddy, Nola, and Mimi
 Daddy, Honey, Nola, and Pop-Pop
 Nola was amazed!
 Big Dad and Nola
 Cousin Addison
 Cousin Tristan
 Four Generations of Waynes: Edsel Wayne, Cary Wayne, Jonathan Wayne, & Silas Wayne
 Big Sister & Little Brother
 Time to go home!! 

He wasn't too sure about his car seat! 

Silas makes his arrival!!

Silas Wayne Bawcum
May 25, 2012
9:19 am 
7 lbs 3 oz
19 inches

 Yep, Its a Boy!
 Checking his weight
 Proud Daddy- the anesthesiologist took this picture and said she would just add it to our bill! 
 Mommy, Daddy, and Silas
 Not too sure about all of this
 Mommy and Silas in recovery
 I immediately teared up when Nola came into the room. This birth experience was a total opposite from when we had Nola. Our first picture as a family of four!
 Nola makes a silly face

Love him! We've been through a lot together! 

Happy Birthday Silas!!

Baby Showers for Silas

We are so thankful for friends that are willing to throw great baby showers for Silas. The first shower was done by my childhood friends Heather and April in Henderson. Unfortunately, NONE of us had a camera! Good grief! They catered to the Mexican cravings I had for the food theme! Yummo!
I also had a diapers and wipes shower at school given by Ms. Dowdy, Ms. KAKB, and Ms. Bryson. I am thankful for great teacher friends! We have tons of diapers and wipes! 
I actually remembered my camera for the shower thrown by Andy and Deanna! They are Nola's Godparents and our great friends!

 This was the dessert table: fudge covered Oreos, cake pops, and Smore bites. I think I ate about 5 of the Oreos!
 Jennifer, Andy's sister, was nice enough to make Nola a sash for the event. She was so excited! 
 The welcome sign by the food table. 

 Please disregard my face..who knows what I was doing or saying! Just focus on JB. 

 Sweet silver spoon that says Baby Silas
 Pity-Pat and Pappy (Andy's parents) bought Nola a tub and filled it with all the things a princess would ever need. How sweet!!
 Yes, JB registered for beer and yes, someone bought it for him! I think this was his favorite gift. 
 The quilt Mama made for Silas' room. 
 The Daddy Doody kit from Jennifer and Geoff. 
And the essential mask so there is no gagging involved!

Thank you to all our friends and family who showered Silas with love before he even got here!