"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Images from PACU

Daddy took this picture while I was PACU recovery at LeBonheur. Ms. Britney said only I could make a purple turban look cute!

My Cochlear Implant Surgery

Yesterday, I had my bilateral cochlear implant surgery. This will enable me to finally her Mommy & Daddy say I Love You. And eventually I will be able to say it back. What a wonderful world we live that technology has increased so that these surgeries are possible!


Fun with the Cousins!

I'm on Bernard's Tree!

Mommy, Aunt Ne, and I went to the Enchanted Forest to see me on Bernard's tree!

Our Little Monster

I was a pretty little monster for Halloween. Mommy is behind in putting pictures up! Better late than never!

Happy Birthday To Me! Pictures


I'm Such a Little Ham!!!

Sleepy Head

Big Grin!

This is my mean face!

More from the Mountains!

Helping Big Dad load the fridge!

Snuggling with Aunt Connie.

Just Me & My Daddy

Just me and my Daddy went to the Aquarium together! Daddy & Daughter bonding time!

Pictures from the Mountains!

I had a great time in the mountains with Daddy, Mimi, Big Dad, Aunt Connie, & Uncle Rick!!


Subsidium's 2009 Carrousel of Shoppes!!

The Subsidium's annual fundraiser for my school is December 3,4, & 5! As you can see, I made the picture! Look for me on billboards on Germantown Parkway and Poplar Avenue!

"A Weekend of Shopping Gives a Lifetime of Sound!"


Pumpkin Run & Team Nola Gracyn were a huge success!!

Team Nola Gracyn raised over $3100!! We are so grateful to all those who participated in any way! Thank you to all of you who donated, ran, or bought a t-shirt! Our team tripled from last year! And we cannot wait until Pumpkin Run 2010!


I will be 2 tomorrow!!

This is an exciting weekend for me! I am turning 2 tomorrow! I am having a birthday party at MOSD with all my friend there. Then we are attending the Pumpkin Run in the morning and after that, we have my birthday party with all of my family!! I am so excited! This has been a great week not only for me, but also for our quest to get the word out about the great things done at LeBonheur and MOSD!!

I'm on TV!!

We had the opportunity to talk about Nola's story and LeBonheur on Live at 9 on Channel 3!

Click on the link to download the video! Make sure you click regular download so they don't try to charge you $3!




My Mommy was reminiscing about all that we have gone through over the last 2 years. This bible verse is perfect. Nola is fearfully and wonderfully made- she was given to us by God and our duty is to show her how beautifully and wonderfully made she is.

I will praise You,for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;Marvelous are Your works-

Busy Week Ahead!

This week is going to be busy! My birthday is Friday! I will be 2!! I get to have a party at my school with all my friends. Saturday is the LeBonheur Pumpkin Run; and boy do we have a large team this year! Hopefully it will continue to grow each year. LeBonheur is such a special place to me and my family. Then Saturday afternoon will be my family birthday party! Yay for me- I am turning 2!!


Lots of Exciting Events Coming!!

There are so many exciting things coming up in the next few weeks!! I will turn 2 years old on October 9! Before you know it I will be ready to drive! I will have a birthday party at MOSD on the day of my birthday with all my school friends. On October 10 is the LeBonheur Pumpkin Run! Mommy and Daddy are so excited about our team this year! We have 55 shirts ordered! And about 25 people signed up to participate in the run! We have had gracious people who have donated towards this great event! We still lack around $2000 in meeting our goal! GO TEAM NOLA GRACYN!


99% Brain

This is the prettiest CT scan my Mommy & Daddy has ever seen! Only a few months ago I still had alot of fluid- but look at my pretty brain now!



LeBonheur's Pumpkin Run is coming close! You can help support the WONDERFUL hospital that took such great care of me during all my surgeries and tests!


Click on Support our participants and find my Mommy or Daddy's name. Click Donate!

I have no fear!

I will jump off the diving board now! Of course, I jump into Daddy's arms! It is so much fun- Look at my face!

Memphis Botanical Gardens

I went to the Memphis Botanical Gardens. They have a new thing just for kids. I loved it- especially the weather place where it rained! I love water!


It's that time again!

It's time once again for the LeBonheur Pumpkin Run! It will will be Saturday, October 10. We will once again have a Team Nola Gracyn and will be ordering shirts! Please check back for more information soon!

I'm a big school girl

I started my first day of MOSD on Thursday. I didn't cry- My Mommy & Daddy did though. Thank goodness they held it together until they got into the car! I did all kinds of great things my first 2 days of school. My teacher's name is Ms. Sue and she is a happy and loving lady! Ms. Schwartz is the director and she is beyond helpful. . In fact, Mommy & Daddy said they have not met someone who is not helpful and kind at my school. My speech therapist's name is Ms. Courtney and my listening therapist's (aural habilitation) name is Ms. Nathalie. I will be learning to listen and talk. I should get my hearing aids in the next week or so.
Mommy & Daddy say I am doing such a great job already!



Nola will be attending the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf starting August 13. She has been fitted for her hearing aids and the ear molds even have glitter in them! Visit their website www.mosdkids.org to learn more about this AMAZING school where deaf children are talking.
You can also help their cause by purchasing a brick that will be placed on the sidewalk outside of the school. http://www.mosdkids.org/Details.cfm?ProdID=37&category=0


National Hydrocephalus Month!

AT 3:38pm, H. RES 373 Passed by a voice vote! September is officially NATIONAL HYDROCEPHALUS AWARENESS MONTH! Thank you PHF, Inc, Congresswoman Bachmann, Congressman Lance, the 88 other Co-sponsors, the rest of the U.S. House of Representatives and everyone who made this a reality! WE DID IT!!!! :)


Bike Riding Babe!

Look at me sitting on the bike! I even have a helmet on...Safety First! Gotta protect my precious little head!

Party Girl

I went to Billy's first birthday party and I had fun- especially eating my cupcake! I even gave the birthday boy a kiss! And look at those curls I have! Mommy loves them!!!

I think I'm a big girl

I think I am a big girl since I am sitting at the table and coloring. Aren't I the cutest thing?


We had more testing and I do have hearing loss. What degree or the type is not diagnosed yet. Me, Mommy, & Daddy will go to an ENT doctor on the 21st and then we will go back to LeBonhuer for another test. Whew! All this testing.


More Testing

We went to LeBonheur to have my hearing checked because Mommy & Daddy were concerned about it. The tests were not very encouraging, but we are going back on Monday for a test called ABR. Mommy has to get me to go to sleep before they can start the test- so here's hoping I am sleepy on Monday morning!


Me and the Animals

Mommy and I went to the Memphis Zoo with Aunt Amber and cousins Tristan & Addison. I had a blast! The older I get the more I enjoy things like the zoo. I especially liked the polar bear; he was swimming around and would come right up to the glass!!


LeBonheur for my shunt revision

I was playing with the surgery hat Ms. Diana gave me. I had to somehow pass the time before my surgery! I walked through the halls of same day surgery and greeted everyone I saw.
My Mommy says I am the most preciou thing she's ever seen!