"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


2 years!

Today marks two years since Nola has had a brain surgery- 2 YEARS! It is amazing to see how she has changed over the last two years and the great progress she has made. I am so grateful she has not had to endure another revision and we only see Dr. Muhlbauer once a year! I hope this trend continues!

Although she looks adorable in this picture, I hope to NOT see her in one of these ever again!

This is her CT scan in July 2008- THe big black spaces are fluid.

This CT Scan is from March 2010- this is a BEAUTIFUL picture!! 99% Brain!


Ms. Elizabeth

Ms. Elizabeth's husband passed away suddenly over the weekend. Ms. Elizabeth also works at Memphis Oral School for the Deaf. She "turned on" Nola's implants and does all the mapping for them also. I am saddened to hear about the loss of her husband. Please pray for this family - Ms. Elizabeth and her two boys who are both in college.


Pretty White Teeth

Nola went to the dentist for the first time a few weeks ago and she did fabulous! We only had one small meltdown when we started to lay her down in the chair. She would not lay down, but did sit in the chair and let them clean her teeth. The dentist and the dental hygienist told her she had pretty teeth and no cavities! Yay!!


Ms. Sue

When Nola started Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, I was already an emotional wreck. She had only been diagnosed a few weeks earlier and I was still processing the information. I was in some form still grieving the loss of Nola's hearing. I knew the people who worked at MOSD were fabulous- they had to be. However, there are no words to describe the positive, bubbly personality of Nola's first teacher- Ms. Sue. She praised Nola for every verbal utterance that came out of her mouth; she was and still is a great cheerleader for my Nola. Last year, Ms. Sue's husband was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. I am positive Ms. Sue was a wonderful cheerleader as her husband battled for eighteen months against this terrible disease. Mr. John Montgomery passed away yesterday. Please pray for Ms. Sue and her two boys as they celebrate their husband and father's life and grieve that he is no longer with them.
You can read his story here.