"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Part 2

Day 2 
We went to Universal the second day. We met Chris, Amber, Tristan, and Addison there. This was Tristan and Addison's Christmas gift. Nola was happy to see them there!

We went to see the animals that were trained to be in movies. Nola is such an animal lover- so she really enjoyed this!

This was the dog used in the movie Marley and Me! 

Since Nola was on her wish vacation, we were able to stay afterwards and meet some of the animals! The pug was used in Men in Black and the Chihuahua was used in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. 

More rides! 

I love how Nola leans in to hug all the characters! 

Nola and the Drummers. 

Nola, Addison, and the Lollipop Girls.

And of course, Jonathan and Chris with a Lollipop Girl!

Dr. E. Brown from the movie Back to the Future was so sweet! After taking this picture, he noticed Nola's Give Kids the World button- so he took Nola to get ice cream!

How sweet! The kindness we were shown was amazing! 

Nola and Addison enjoyed their ice cream treat! Thank you Dr. Brown!!

Some characters from Men in Black stopped by as well. 

Waiting for The Blues Brothers

Jammin with The Blues Brothers!

Watching the Universal Parade! 

A Dream Is A Wish Your Hearts Makes........Part 1

Nola was chosen to receive a wish through the Dream Factory of Memphis. She said she wanted to dance with the princesses- so off to Disney World we went! We stayed at Give Kids the World Village which is a place just for kids and families that are wish recipients. What a magical trip it was! 

Nola was so excited about everything! 

Finding Nemo show

I love this picture. Such awe and amazement on her face!

Fun on some Animal Kingdom rides

No trip is complete without meeting Mickey!

Mommy was excited about meeting Mickey too!

Donald Duck

And silly Chip and Dale!

The Lion King show is always fun to see. I had seen it before, but it was Nola and Jonathan's first time seeing it. 

Excited to go on the Animal Kingdom's safari ride


My Oh My!

I am behind.....ok, REALLY behind. School is out for the summer and maybe now I can get caught up again! Lots of posts ahead; be prepared!

Christmas 2012

Nola has never sat in Santa's lap by herself until this year. She willingly went up and talked to Santa at MOSD's Christmas party. She let him know all the things her little heart desired. 

Silas didn't want to be left out. He joined in on the fun. 

The kids then sang Santa some Christmas songs. The MOSD Christmas party was a bittersweet time for me. This was Nola's last Christmas celebration at Memphis Oral School for the Deaf. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle graduation in May!

We also went to The Enchanted Forest. This was to benefit LeBonheur Children's Hospital. Trigon bought several penguins in support of Nola and the hospital. 

What day is complete without a picture with Santa?!

Nola with one of the penguins. Not sure why it didn't rotate for me. :(

Christmas at Mimi & Big Dad's
Nola was all smile when it was present time! 

Silas just enjoyed ripping paper!

There was alot of big sister "helping" when it was present opening time for Silas. 

Nola got a handmade rag doll that had cochlear implants. It was the neatest thing ever! The implants were magnetic to the doll's head just like Nola's!

Ber and Silas

Mom, Dad, Ms. Vann, Connie, and Rick came over that afternoon for round 2. 

Big Dad got a kick out his gift box.. 

Uncle Chris participated in beauty school! That color looked great on him :)

Christmas Morning- we were all sleepy!!

Santa came!!! 

More gifts

After Santa, we headed to Nanny's. 

Then we went to Honey and Pop-Pop's

Lots of gifts and fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of quality family time and more gifts than we needed.