"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Eric Carle's Treasured Stories

We took Nola to the Orpheum to see Eric Carle's treasured stories. They were the neatest puppets and included the stories, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? , and Poppa, Please Get the Moon for Me. Nola LOVED it! She wasn't too sure about the big brown bear puppet, but loved everything else.
I forgot to take a picture during the performance...boo. 

I love these two! :)


Random Iphone Pictures

 This balloon is still flying around my kitchen; it's the "It's a Boy!" balloon from our gender reveal party on December 22!

 Nola has to pick up Luckie and put her in her bed every night. Luckie stays in there until Nola falls asleep. :)
 Nola helped Daddy out in the warehouse!
 Silly girl!
 The famous mad face!
 Nola saw a gummy making video on YouTube. Every since she has been asking to make gummies. Yes, we do monitor her YouTube video watching! The funny thing was the video was in Chinese!
 More gummy making fun!
 I FINALLY found fabric for Silas' room! Yay!

Nola's little foot- She takes random pictures when she has my iphone!


Kelly's Korner

This week at Kelly's Korner the theme was Working Moms. Being a working mom is hard. My day doesn't end when the school bell rings. I would love to be able to be one of those work from home moms or stay at home moms, but unfortunately, that's not in the cards for us. With Nola's hydrocephalus and hearing loss, the health insurance from being a teacher is a must. Just like any mother, I will do anything for my children!



This week's wrap-up-

1. I cannot believe I am starting my last week in my 6th month of pregnancy! My back hurts, but what pregnant lady wouldn't say her back hurts?! By the end of the day at school, all I can do is sit.

2. ASU Master's Program....I hate statistics! I have one more quiz to take by tomorrow and then I am done with this class! Ugh!

3. Nola's dance class is beginning to learn the steps to their recital. It is so stinking cute! I am so sad that I probably won't be there since the recital is June 2- the day after my due date. Boo! Hopefully, my scheduled c-section will be before the recital so that everyone else can attend it!

4. I have really struggled at school this week. It has been a challenge.

5. Jonathan's feet seem to be doing better with the stretching exercises and physical therapy. Thank goodness.

6. We are going to try once again to find fabric! We didn't have any luck last weekend.

7. I need a nap. :) But there is no rest for the weary.


This week's wrap-up!

Baby Silas is growing along with my belly! 

The theme this week at Nola's school was community helpers. She loved this week's show and share; they were supposed to bring something related to community helpers. Nola brought her doctor's bag- she said, "I going to show my friends!" 
We are going to pick out fabric for the nursery this weekend! I am so excited!! I don't like "themes" so we are just getting funky fabric in the colors I have chosen. 
Jonathan has tendinitis and it's very painful. I hope that going to the physical therapist helps ease the pain and he can get some relief!