"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


5 years

Five years ago today I was pregnant with a sweet baby girl.
Five years ago today I was finishing up my student teaching.
Five years ago today I lost a great woman- My Grandmother.

She lived a great example of what a strong, giving woman is. Some of the best memories I have are those with her. I miss her everyday. We named that sweet baby girl Nola. I am grateful and honored to be able to have named my daughter after my Grandmother. My Nola has already shown the strength and determination my Grandmother had. Jonathan and I chose the right name.

Now five years later I am pregnant with a sweet baby boy.
Five years later I am teaching.
Five years later I still grieve for the woman I lost.

I love you Grandmother.


Fun at the Beach Part 1

 Ahh, Cape Sand Blas - Our new favorite beach. It is Florida's "Forgotten Coast." We loved it- not commercialized - no souvenir shops every three feet, no crowded beaches, basically we had the beach to ourselves! This was perfect for us- our last getaway before we become a family of four. 
 The house - Nola called it The Beach House. 
 Duke headed to see the ocean for the first time- JB fulfilled his promise to his daily work buddy. 
 Nola loved her Dora sunglasses and digging in the sand. 
 Duke wasn't too sure about the waves. 

 We were taking a walk and Nola would just randomly sit down and start playing with sand. 
 That's our set up- As you can see, we had the beach to ourselves! :)
We did see someone that offered to take a picture of the entire family! 

Oh my!

32 weeks today! 

Baby Silas is getting bigger everyday! There are so many things we have to do before he gets here. The nursery is still nonexistent- it still has to be painted. Then we can put the crib together, etc. I am getting very anxious that everything won't be done before he makes his appearance.