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Getting the word out

From my Mommy:

We are so excited about the topic chosen by Christy, a nursing major who is a new friend of ours! She has chosen to do her project on hydrocephalus! Hydrocephalus is not a rare condition, but many people are unaware of what hydrocephalus is. Here are some facts about hydrocephalus you may not know!

-Hydrocephalus can be present at birth which is known as congenital or as a result from a brain injury or trauma known as acquired.

-Hydrocephalus occurs 1 in 500 births.

-There is NO cure for hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is treated by the placement of a shunt which diverts the fluid from the head to the belly or the heart.

-Nola had her first shunt placement at 4 days old. Revision #1 was August 2008 (10 months old) and Revision #2 was June 2009 (20 months old).

As many of you know, Nola was born with hydrocephalus. She was diagnosed at about 25 weeks gestation. Nola has VP shunt which means her fluid is diverted to her belly. As a result of her hydrocephalus, she has hearing loss. She now has cochlear implants that give her the ability to hear. She is perfect! :)



Nechama said...

Hi My daughter has hydrocephalus and was just diagnosed with hearing loss. I have so many questions. Any way that i can email you? btw your daughter is beautiful! :)

Nola's Journey said...

Yes!! Email me at gobaby25@aol.com
My name is Desiree'