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A Post in Pictures

Oh how life has changed! I suppose I had forgotten what having a baby is like since Nola is almost 5! Silas has been a good baby. He is always eating so since I am nursing that means I have a baby attached to me most of the day. :) 

 Silas at 2 weeks old. 

Nola loves her little brother! She calls him "my baby" We are so thankful she has taken to him like she has.  

Silas practicing his side grin for the ladies.  

 Silas all tuckered out. 

We introduced the bottle at about 4 weeks- he did great with it. Proud big sister! 

Honey and Pop-Pop took us to Nashville so Nola could eat at the Rainforest Cafe. She loved the elephants, but did not like the loud noises during the "thunderstorm." She would just take her ears off so she didn't have to hear it!

Ahh, dessert. 

Good Lord what are we going to do with her when she turns 16?! Thanks Aunt Ber for the snazzy outfit!

 Proud Honey with her grandbabies

 Nola had a sore on her nose and decided she needed a band-aid for it. I love her pitiful look she made when I took the picture. 

Silas' first baseball game! Go Redbirds! 

Nola's last first day of school at MOSD. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I'm not ready for big kid school and it will be here before we know it. I wish MOSD went through elementary school or better yet high school! I know they are preparing her so she will be ready for kindergarten....Mommy just isn't ready!

Finally caught the cute gummy grin!! 

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Katie said...

Love Nola's nose bandaid! Silas' grin is too cute :)