"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Where Did I Come From You Ask?!

I bet you wonder where I came from, huh?  Well, my Mommy and Daddy are Desiree' and Jonathan. They are super excited about my upcoming arrival!!

My grandparents are Grandmother and Poppa (my Mommy's parents) and Mimi and Big Dad (my Daddy's parents). I have an Aunt Denee', Uncle Chris & Aunt Amber, Aunt Lindsay & Uncle Nick who also await my arrival. My Aunt Denee' has spent too much money on me!

I bet you wonder where I got my beautiful name too, huh!?! Well I am named after my Mommy's Grandmother -- Nola. She passed away while I was still in my Mommy's tummy so I never got to see her smiling face. But my Mommy and I know she is looking down from heaven smiling and watching over us. Mommy and Daddy just liked the name Gracyn. It did take them a long time to decide how to spell it though.

One thing Mommy knows for sure is I am going to be a fighter like my Great Grandmother Nola.


mustangsally54 said...

You bet you are a fighter! You come from a long line of strong women - Desi Brown Bawcum- Janice Sally Webb Brown - Sally Nola Seaton Webb - Cora Mae Peddy Seaton- the list goes on and on...... They were all great women and hard workers to boot. You will be a strong and great woman also.
We love you.

volleyball0905 said...

This is your Aunt Denee'. I know I haven't wrote you yet and I'm sorry for that. But I love you very much and can't wait for you arrival. It is gettin so close. I have spent alot of money on you, but every penny is well worth it, and I will be spending much more on you. Hopefully I will get to babysit you alot so we can spend alot of time together. I have been waiting so long for your arrival and it is coming up so close. Everyone is ready to see you! Well I just want you to know that I love you with everything in me!!              Love, Aunt Nee'

bobovkb said...

Hi Nola Gracyn - I have not yet posted - so here goes. I already love you with all of my heart! I know that you will be like the 3 most wonderful women in my life - Your Nana - Janice, Your Mommy Desi, and Your Aunt Denee - my baby girl. I never though that I could love anyone like I do these three - but - I am afraid that you already have me wrapped around your finger and you are not even here yet! You are such a lucky little girl - if I had ever wanted a boy - I could not have asked for better than your Dad. His family has been so wonderful in every way. I Just wanted you to know how many people are praying for you - I and your grandmother Nanny ( my Mom) pray for you by name each morning and night. There are hundreds who already love and cherish you and are praying daily. I look forward to holding you - Your Poppa ( and Desi's Dad)

tngaegrand said...

I will add another name to the strong women, your great-great-great grandmother Sally Bray Peddy.  The Nolas and Sallys do show up on this family tree, don't they?

I love that little face of yours;  it looks so much like your mother.

Love and kisses,
Great-aunt Mary